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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Book: "Pastor Lukas' Church"

I read this book a few months ago. God used it to touch my life. I contacted the Author – Emma N. J. Nwosu and he magnanimously allowed me to post it here so that people from all over the world can download it FREE. It is an e-copy and in adobe reader format. It is a short book of 38 pages which you cannot keep down, once you start reading, until you have gone through it.

It is my prayer that God will bless your life and give you a testimony after reading this book. The Word of the Lord is scarce in our generation and hearing from God is rare. Many people talk and we hear a lot of voices but only a few speak for God. The best message in churches today prepares the people for this world instead of preparing them for eternity. Today, faithful life means having worldly wealth; living in victory is when everything is working your way and you are living a life of ease; if things do not work well and fast for you, there must be something wrong with you; every suffering is a curse from the ancestors or an attack from the enemies; criteria for being a leader is the type of car you have; you have the pastor’s ears if you are considered rich; the only important person in a church is the pastor and his family; if his needs are met, even when many members of the church are in poverty and hardship, everything is ok and God is pleased with you; we use members’ tithes and offerings to build schools and hospitals but the same members will not have the privilege to send their wards and children to the same schools and hospitals because they cannot afford it; our boastings starts here and ends here etc.

Indeed if God does not do something now, our generation is in trouble. In fact the next generation we are raising will be in much more trouble because their faith cannot stand through storms and the test of time. The basis and premise upon which they build their faith is wrong, false and worldly. Look at our Christian fellowships in higher schools where Papas and Mamas have Personal Assistants, servants and those that carry their ‘heavy’ Bibles for them.

I believe that God will steer up revival in your life and church after reading this short book. Look at part of the epilogue of the author:

“So many after reading this book called me with the question, “Did this really happen? Is it a true life story”. To all of them I have always replied, “That should not be the question. The question should be, “Could this really happen?” To this I wish to say that it is happening every where in the world today.
A clear study of this book will help you discover yourself in this story. If you are not Pastor Lukas, you may be Bishop Frank. If you are not Perpetua you may be Madam Clara. If you are not Cynthia, you may be Susana. If you are not Radon, you may be Kenon and even Chief Olu.
For sure you are in this story, no matter who you are. That is why you should go through it again and after, do some praying. Obviously this book has come not to condemn you, but to help you sit up as a Christian.
Heaven and hell are real. Where are you heading to?”

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Click here to download. Remember you can equally download The New Birth if you do not have a copy yet.