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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I Shall Rise Again!

This blessed my life so I want to share it here with you.

Don't Write Me Off, I Shall Rise Again.
If you see me on the ground
With a fallen face;
You don't have to write me off,
But you can offer a helping hand;
For you are called to do just that:
To strengthen the weak knee
When the righteous stumbles, he has hope in God.
So by the mercies of God, Do not write me off
For I hall rise again.

If you take a good look around you,
You will see bruised souls,
Wounded in the battles of this life;
They need someone to help them.
Littered in broken homes and banquets,
In prisons and palaces,
Are these poor helpless folks.
There is healing for them in Gilead.
Do not let the wounded soldier die.
Do not write him off, He will rise again.

When this life is over, And I cast off this mortal,
I will not fear,
How weak I had been.
With my bruises and scars,
I will go for a new body.
I shall rise in newness.
My Lord will crown me with life,
So this is my prayer:
'Do not write me off off now, I shall rise again.