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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Church Does Not Exist to Entertain Us – Or Bore Us by Karl Vaters

I found this very interesting and apt. A must read for every Church member including leaders.

I don't go to church to be entertained.
I also don't go to church to be bored.
  • I go to worship.
  • I go to read and hear from God's word.
  • I go to be taught.
  • I go to be challenged.
  • I go to be discipled.
  • I go to fellowship with other believers.
  • I go to be inspired into action
When we reduce the gathering of God's people to an entertainment venue, we don’t enhance it, we diminish it.
Diminish. That's such a benign word for the damage we do to the gospel when use it as a tool to put on a better show.

The only thing worse? Boring people with the gospel.

Truth Is Better than Entertainment

Entertainment is cheap. And easy. The laptop I'm writing with can access more entertainment than we could have ever imagined. Or than any church can ever compete with. As I wrote in a recent post, “If we compete head-to-head with Hollywood on entertainment quality, Hollywood wins, the church loses.”

Jesus never bored people with the gospel. And a lot of his parables were very entertaining. But entertainment was never the point. Truth was the point. And great truths are never boring.

Whenever entertainment becomes the point, or boredom becomes the result of our church services, we’ve missed something big. Something vital. Something beautiful, eternal and life-changing.

We’ve missed the truth of the gospel.

We’ve traded our birthright for a mess of stew.

We’ve cast our pearls before swine.

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