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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Are you committed to raising the younger generation?

Recently, the Vice President of the United States of America conducted a homosexual marriage between two White House staff members and twitted on how happy he was doing so. The Rev. Franklin  Graham, the son of Billy Graham, chided the Vice President and said, 'There Will Be A Price To Pay For Our Nation'. I agree with him because through the Scriptures, we have seen God bring down great nations because of wickedness. However, the focus of our discussion today is from what I read in one of the Comment boxes:

I am so glad that the vast majority of the population having the same mindset as Mr. Graham is old and on the way out. The younger generations are far less likely to fall victim to such demented hatred and homophobia. This world is becoming BETTER in that sense, not worse. Heaven was made for people who love people, not the bitter, vicious "Christians" such as Graham and some of these others”. Kittius Cattias.

This comment got me thinking. For some days now, the questions I have been asking myself include: Am I doing enough to pass to the next generation what I believe about God? Yes we are on our way out and have fought this battle throughout our lives, have I done enough to prepare the next generation to continue this battle or will they fall ‘victims’ to what the commenter called ‘demented hatred and homophobia’?  Remember these are words they have been using to silence the voices of those who hold a different opinion to theirs and except you have a strong moral balance, you may not be able to understand this scheme of the enemy. Through the years, we have insisted that homosexuality is just like every other sexual sin and perversion in the world. As God commanded us, we love homosexuals as individuals, and every other sinner for that matter, but we disapprove their sin. That is why we preach. God loves sinners but disapproves of their sins. But these apologists will want to push it down our throat that we are bigots that spread hatred among men. They say that we hate homosexuals and we bear the responsibility for the death of any of them that commits suicide for whatever reason. But this is far from the truth. Genuine Christians do not hate people and yet are bold to say what the Bible says no matter whose ox is gored, even at the detriment of our lives. The bible condemns every sexual sin and perversion but lovely calls every person caught in any of the sins to repentance because God has appointed a day He will judge the sins of men. Heb.9:27.

It is a moral battle and has become more difficult now that you have some so called Christians who are twisting some passages of the bible to prove that it is normal to practice homosexuality, hence they do not need to repent because that is who they are. But we know that this is a lie of the devil to keep these ones in this bondage till they die. It is common knowledge that when a people become very obstinate toward God, instead of responding to God in repentance and obedience, they rebel and fight every prophet that God uses to call them to repentance. This is because they want to remain in their sins. Many preachers in the western world have been silenced already. They carefully avoid mentioning the issue of homosexuality because of fear of backlash to their ‘ministry’. I thank God for Rev Franklin who is still speaking with boldness in that hostile clime.

But the question remains, have we prepared the next generation for the battle? Are we doing all that we need to do? Am I teaching my family? Do they know the difference? Have they been brought to the point where they can stand their ground even when some people will want to push guilt to their conscience to agree to a sin they did not commit? It is good to leave wealth, money and properties behind for my children. However, in the theatre of ideas, especially in the morality spheres, these things cannot sustain my children. I know this very clearly. If they are won in that sphere, they will even begin to commit the resources I would leave behind to fighting the values I stood for. This is because it is in the theatre of ideas that values are formed. That is where convictions are shaped. The ideas you have will either strengthen your conscience or weaken it. Am I preparing my children to win in this battle? It is good to send them to the best of schools, but if they succeed academically only to come back as subdued people who cannot stand for the values I was ready to die for, then I must have failed as a destiny moulder.

O Lord, I commit my life to raising the younger generation. Help me!