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Monday, 28 October 2013

Church Leader Severely Burned in Acid Attack

All over the world, there is a rise in the persecution of Christians. Many are kidnapped, tortured, sent to prison, molested and even killed.The case of Rev. Anselm Mwang'amba, 61, comes to mind as this is more recent. He was attached with acid after leaving a cyber cafe in Zanzibar, where a muslim group is campaigning for Zanzibar's independence as an Islamic state. This is a common agitation all over the world.

Do you still remember Bishop Umar Mulinde of Uganda who I shared about his own acid attack here? It seems to be a new tactic for those who hate Jesus and His gospel.

Please just continue to pray for the persecuted church. God bless.

May the Lord completely heal both the physical and emotional wounds Rev. Mwang'amba has experienced as a result of the attack (Psalm 30:2). Pray that the church in Tanzania will not be fearful due to this incident and other similar attacks, but rather would choose to lean even more on our Almighty God who has promised His people strength in times of trouble. Ask Him to thwart any plans the enemy may have to inflict further harm on these believers through the militant group. Source: VOM.

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