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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Not a Church Building. Please cite this incident correctly.

Building colapseThis incident was reported in the Blogosphere by several people who did not care to confirm their stories before pushing it to the Internet. If you search for this report, you will notice that it was not carried by the Main Stream Media but by different blog sites. The owner of this property is a very close friend of ours who has been a seasoned Christian for many years. He is not a pastor and there is no church on the property. He works with an Oil & Gas Company in Bonny. He bought the property from another friend who bought it from Ugwuaji people in Enugu State. There is a church adjacent to his own.


 He decided to do a dwarf wall fence around the property to secure it. However, some unidentified people went and pulled one side of the fence down for reasons yet to be resolved. No activity was going on at the site. The water tank used by workers was still left at the site and his work supervisor wrote his phone number on it in case other people developing their property around the place would need his services. One day, the supervisor called him that the Police asked him (the supervisor) to come and claim his water tank. He didn't understand what concerned the water tank on site and police calling him, hence he decided to investigate before going to answer the Police. That was when he discovered that there was an incident that some corpses were discovered under the pulled down fence. Meanwhile by this time, the story was all over the place about "corpses found under a church foundation", which our friend also read, not knowing that it concerned him. He engaged the services of two lawyers who started working with the police before his arrival.  He planned for the trip and took leave of absence for two weeks. When he got to Enugu, he went to the station with his lawyers, as usual, he was charged for all kinds of unprintable things. To cut the long story short, the Police discovered that he was innocent. The case attracted the interest of high profile Police officers in Enugu State. He was released after about a week while the Police continued their investigations. His lawyers later told him that the Police had arrested the culprits in Nnewi and they confessed to the crime. We do not have details of their confessions, you can obtain that from the police if you need it.

The concern of the EvergreenWord Team is because of the the way the church is being scandalized and people are spreading lies ignorantly. Why will these reporters not visit the Ugwuaji community to confirm this story before breaking it out this way? Why won't reporters call the police to confirm what happened? We recently saw another picture of a so-called pastor arrested as the suspect for this. Most likely, the picture has no connection to the incident. Christians need to be aware that some people peddle lies and use false pictures and videos on the Internet for different purposes including propaganda. Our goal is not to say that the church is perfect, but Christians, especially leaders need to know the truth because some of them refer to this incident during their preaching. Over the weekend, a respected Christian leader referred to it as if the story about "corpses found under a church foundation" is correct. PLEASE THE INCIDENT HAPPENED BUT IT IS NOT A CHURCH.

We do not yet have the consent of our friend to share the phone number of the lawyers who handled this case. But it is a simple matter that any serious-minded person can confirm since Ugwuaji is along the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway.

The Lord Jesus Christ said "I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it". Matt 16:18 NIV.