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Friday, 17 June 2016

Christian killed for ‘Blasphemous’ Facebook Post in Niger State, Nigeria

Why do we share these information?
We share these so as to enrich our prayer moments. 
We share to widen our perspective.  If you are living in areas where there is no Islamic persecution, you may not know that there are brethren who stake their lives just to be identified as Christians.
We share so as to stir our hearts to help where we can.
We share as part of our ministry to the persecuted. Today it is Emmanuel, tomorrow it can be near us.
Finally, we share so as to keep us at alert. 

On Sunday, 29/05/16, 24-year-old Methodus Chimaije Emmanuel, a trader in Pandogari, Rafi Local Government Area in Niger State was “attacked and killed by a mob in the town on allegation of posting a blasphemous statement about Prophet Muhammad on the social media.”

According to Morning Star News, a church building, a house and a shop were burned, and rioters blocked the Lagos-Kaduna Road, a major artery connecting the northern and southern parts of the country, army spokesman N.C. Agwu said in a press statement. On Monday (May 30) 25 other shops were looted, he said.

“Three other persons including a personnel of the NSCDC [Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps] also lost their lives,” Agwu said.

Also as noted by Release International , just two days later Muslim Fulani herdsmen killed three Christians in their home in Jema local government area in the north-central Kaduna state.

Zakka Kagoma, aged 40, and two others as yet unidentified are believed to have been killed while they were sleeping at about 2am. As a result of the attack Christians in other villages have fled.

 Please pray for our brothers and sisters in central and northern Nigeria.

  1. Ask God to comfort all those affected by these latest violent incidents. 
  2. Pray for an end to extremist and Fulani attacks on Christians.
  3. Pray that God will intervene to protect His people and that those responsible for the violence would be brought to justice.
  4. Pray that the persecutors of the church would be convicted of their sin and turn to Christ in repentance.
  5. Pray for a spiritual awakening in the church.