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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Please pray for Leah Sherubu, one of the abducted girls who is still in captivity because she is a Christian

I read this report and feel pain in my heart that many people will just gloss over the story without taking note of Leah Sherubu.

Dapchi kidnap saga was a national disaster as the President put it sometime ago when it happened.  Today, the news is everywhere of the release of the girls. We thank God for this. However, we have to start praying for Leah. She is separated and held only because of her faith. Muslims see non Muslims as infidels who deserve no respect and mercy. Look at the report from Vanguard:

“One of the insurgents said they thought majority of the girls are infidels, hence the attack, but regretted their actions, and have no option than to return them back to their destinations without collecting a dime from any government. “Only one of the girls who refused to be converted to Islam, will not be freed as they will go back with her,” Ali quoted one of the insurgents who addressed some of the residents.
Also from The Nation:
"Khadija went on: “Five girls died while we were on the way to the bush; most of them died because they were trampled upon inside the vehicles. They freed all of us, except one girl who they said was a Christian and they held onto her.”
Khadija’s story on the Christian girl, Leah Sherubu,  was collaborated by  some residents who said she was brought to Dapchi along with the girls but was taken back because she refused to renounce Christianity as instructed by her abductors.
That story was, however, disputed by some of the girls who claimed that Leah was left behind for the journey because of her strong stand not to renounce her faith."

It is obvious that the behaviour of the abductors would have been different if a greater number of the students were Christians.

The father of the girl is happy that his daughter did not recant her faith, but that does not reduce the heartbreak and pain of a father.

Please let us spread this information about Leah Sherubu and keep it on the front burner until she is released.

Pray for strength for the parents. Pray that she will not be molested and will be returned to her family soon. Finally pray that the Lord Jesus Christ may encounter her abductors.