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Friday, 9 September 2016

At Last, all the cases against Kim Davies are dismissed, files closed and even the pending cases removed from the docket

This is a case we followed for as long as it lasted.

We thank God because Kim Davies stood her ground in a very hostile environment and was ready to suffer for her faith. What is important to note is the fact that many a time, the fear that makes us to compromise does not materialize. Because Kim stood strong, the law has been changed in Kentucky to protect the freedom of all the other County clerks to politely decline to sign or issue marriage certificates when it violates their religious beliefs or conscience.
Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel who represented her in a statement said that "County clerks are now able to perform their public service without being forced to compromise their religious liberty...This victory is not just for Kim Davis. It is a victory for everyone who wants to remain true to their deeply-held religious beliefs regarding marriage while faithfully serving the public,"

Rev Franklin Graham wrote on Facebook "I thank God for men and women willing to take a bold stand for biblical truth — no matter the cost,". This is made possible because one woman dared to risk jail, loss of her job, being visible in the center of the homosexuality debate and storm etc standing for what she believed. We must be willing to risk anything if we are to live faithfully in this world that hates our Master. If we live with the attitude "I don't want trouble. Why must I be the one that will cause this stir?", then we may continue in our compromise with sin and the world. May God help us to be courageous and stout-hearted.

We rejoice with Kim Davies.