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Monday, 16 December 2019

Constitution should be amended to accommodate peculiarities of Shari’a – CJN

This title was from the Daily Trust

Source: Daily Trust

This CJN is showing a high level of insensitivity for making these recommendations. He is advocating the amendment of the Constitution so as to accommodate the concerns of Muslims and the Sharia Law. His reason?

"We have the number to amend the Constitution to suit our own position as Muslims"

He now recommends:
1. Academicians should champion the cause of redesigning the methods of teaching the Sharia Law.
2. Universities should give Sharia Law its own faculty.
3. Increase in the number of judges who are learned in Islamic Law.
4 Teach Sharia Law in Arabic language in Nigerian Universities and not in English.
5. Academicians to look into these matters.

Let's watch out on subtle appointments to accomplish these goals. Both himself and the President are not even making efforts to change the narrative of their accusers. People raised these issues as concerns during elections for the President and during his appointment for the CJN. All they do is to live up to the expectations of their accusers. This speaks volumes.

Please continue to pray that the purpose of God for this great nation may be realized. Pray that God will open the eyes of our Lawmakers, especially those who are Christians, so that they will oppose this no matter the allurement and coercion. Pray for the awakening of the Church in Nigeria.
God bless.