Sunday, 30 October 2022


Possession of power tests all of us. If you have not been given power, especially positional power, you cannot really say how good you will be in handling power.

Power is used to heal, to protect, to provide, to build, to grow, to unite and to influence generally unto effective delivery. Unfortunately, because of our inherent human ego, we tend to frequently use power more to destroy, break, trample, pull down and make others cry in pains. 

That's why every power handled by or handed over to humans must be checked. If there are no controls established around exercise of power, abuses set in. I have found out that it's also very difficult for a possessor of power to set up controls while in position. The best thing is to set up controls when nobody is in the office or position.

It's true that everyone has some level of power, but positional power can be very strong because it can be very visible.

The questions we should always ask ourselves while in positions of power include:

1. Do I have people around me who can boldly ask me questions? Do people around me think that they can air their views and they count? Or is everyone around me singing my praise?

2. Am I causing people to cry and weep, though I know from my heart of heart that I am right and working hard to do the right thing?

3. What's my sincere estimation and value for those who are "poor" or those available to me for getting things done? Do I think I'm better than they? What is my attitude towards them? Do I tend to be irritated at every little provocation, use abusive words or shout at them?

4. Do I review my actions everyday, making changes where necessary, apologizing where I've wronged people under me or do I explain things away? Have used the word "I don't care" when a complain is brought to me concerning someone helping me to get things done or concerning my actions?

5. Finally, do I seriously ask myself, what would Jesus do in this situation? What would He use this position to do if He were here?

Power corrupts. Power can make monsters out of us. Power can destroy relationships and crush lives. Exercise of power can bring regrets when we're done with the position that conferred the power on us.

A lot to say but may God grant us the wisdom to use power to build, restore and heal and not to destroy. May we join God in using power to bring about His redemptive work in this broken world.

Remain blessed 🙏

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Saturday, 22 October 2022

Martyrdom is still real today - The story of Brother Leviticus Makpa

 He served Jesus till the end. Do you love Jesus?

Many stories when highlighted by the main stream media, sounds like just statistics until it hits close home.

Watch Leviticus ' documentary here:

May God help us to finish our course and finish strong whether in long or short life. All I want from Him when I see Him face to face is "well done"

Remain blessed 🙏

Thursday, 20 October 2022

Urgent need for Relief materials for the flood victims in Rivers, Bayelsa, Anambra and others

That this flood has caused humanitarian disaster in Nigeria is no longer news. Many people have lost their lives while for many, their lives have changed forever. I watched with tearful eyes as corpses were carried out from houses in Anambra West. Below are just some of the pictures from Ogbaru, Anambra State.

Flooded roads. Can one imagine the force of this flood? Credit: Izunna Okafor, Onitsha (The Nigerian Voice)

Bishop's Court overtaken by flood. Credits: Izunna Okafor, Onitsha (The Nigerian Voice)

Bishop Prosper Amah in one of the flooded areas. Credits: Izunna Okafor, Onitsha (The Nigerian Voice)

According to the Bishop, they need assistance in the area of food items, speed boats to enable the church access the hinterlands to rescue survivors as well as funds to help them rebuild since even some farmlands are already damaged which will affect next year's harvest.

What can be done by Christians and the churches as corporate bodies in Nigeria?

1. Prayers: This is a time every family altar must be burning prayer incense remembering these victims. Pray for God's intervention so that the flood will recede. Pray for miraculous deliverances for the families. May God grant them the resilience and providence to stand and survive this period. Comfort and fortitude for those who lost their loved ones. Pray that God will stir the hearts of the leaders to respond appropriately to these victims with all the necessary help they need. 

2. Prayers: Please pray for the Federal Government to urgently complete the counterpart Dam in North East which when completed will help to accommodate this body water when released from Cameroun instead of being allowed to flow into River Benue to cause this kind of disaster.

3. Churches and religious NGOs must raise reliefs for these affected areas. Philanthropists and well meaning individuals can do well to synergize and help.

We have contacted the Admin Secretary of the Anglican Diocese of Ogbaru and he gave out his phone number for those that may want to contact him: The Reverend Peter Udenabor 08033309357 while online support can go directly to the Diocesan fund. Just tag your giving: Flood Relief Fund. 

Donate Here.

Friday, 14 October 2022

Sexual Purity


According to the presentation, Sexual Purity has to do with ensuring that everything that relates to my sex life is clean, unmixed, not faulty or defective and is free from dirt and stain which includes my heart, my conduct and my relationships. The standard for reference and definition is the Word of God, the Bible.

This is good for teaching in the Church both for men and the youths. Download the presentation using the link below.

Download here

Download, share and enjoy.