Sunday, 20 March 2022

Celebration of a life well lived...

When someone dies, it is the end of an existence on earth. The person has finished his or her sojourn. The earth suffers a loss. For Christians, we believe that the person goes to give account. Whether old or young, believer or non-believer, pastor or parishioner, christian leader or the led, it doesn't change the facts. It is a sober moment because it is a loss to our common humanity and no matter what we claim, we CANNOT tell how the person's account is before God. There are many secrets about people we don't know. We can only assume and believe and hope because of what we have observed in the person's life while here on earth but real certainty belongs to God alone. 

The Bible says that he that believes will have eternal life. If someone believes and dies, he or she has eternal life. Now the same Bible says that many who are first shall be last and the last shall be the first. He who endures till the end SHALL be saved. Hence, how a person finishes is as important as how he or she started. In specific terms, only God actually knows how someone finished. Only on rare occasions does He give a glimpse to the living. It calls for soberness.

What I see in the scripture is that the dead is mourned, old and young, and it's a time for the living to reflect, because we shall also all lie in state one day and stand to give accounts too. Burials are not supposed to be a celebration. If you want celebration, go to a feast but not in a burial. To buttress the point, we are admonished not to mourn like those who have no hope, hence depicting what the atmosphere should be like when one dies. When reflection has gone, soberness is relegated and not encouraged, and funfair and pump are embraced, then it presents us as worldly and an evil generation.

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