Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves (2)

Yesterday, I wrote a post here about speaking out against injustice and standing for those who cannot stand for themselves.

I now saw this post concerning one Izu who committed suicide because someone listed his name as a rapist and abuser of women. He contacted the person who made the list for an opportunity to clear his name but the chance was not given to him. I don't know the worldview that moulded him to see suicide as a way of resolving a conflict or freeing himself from an accusation, but definitely not the Christian worldview. The Christian worldview encourages us to be strong in the face of anything, including false accusations, sufferings, knowing fully well that this life is a battle ground and we have no other option than to fight it and win, because our Saviour has made us more than conquerors. He has given us the grace for victory. No matter how complicated the issue may be, cowards are the ones that commit suicide and you cannot afford to be the one that will commit the murder of yourself. You are not the Creator of any life including your own life, hence you are not permitted to take it. "To use your freedom to take away your freedom is not a good thing"

Having said that, as a follow up to my previous post, I think it is time we start taking the issue of speaking up very seriously when there is injustice, oppression, maltreatment, victimization, evil, false accusation etc. Don't just keep quiet because you are not the victim. Do not stand aloof because you are strong. Don't just walk away because you think it does not concern you. When we do that, we are not obeying the Scriptures. Most of the major rights movements were initiated by practicing Christians like the fight against slavery championed by William Wilberforce and against racism by Martin Luther King Jr. Doing these things can be a lonely venture and is often dangerous because of the presence of evil in this life. However, living itself is dangerous and being a Christian in this "adulterous and sinful generation" is precarious. We have to obey our Lord.

People do not want to be associated with someone with a "bad tag". But it is time we Christians begin to ask further questions, do what our Lord commanded us to do and what He will do if He were in our position. We have to decide to obey Him, suffer and bear shame when it is the only way to stand for the truth. 

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,
    for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly;
    defend the rights of the poor and needy." 
Proverbs 31:8-9

God bless you

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