Thursday, 8 June 2017

Please continue to pray for these children

In our previous post, we tried to encourage us to pray for these six school children kidnapped by some hoodlums in Lagos State. The truth is that the school belongs to the state government but unfortunately, the parents complain that no attention is being paid to their plight. According to the story in The NATION, the kidnappers are requesting for 100million Naira. and rejected the 10million Naira the parents were able to raise. Currently, they do not want to speak with the parents any more. Four of the students are ill.
Just bow down your head and say a word of prayer anywhere you are.

1. That the pupils will remain in good health. Their health shall not fail in this troubled times.
2. That God will touch the hearts of the kidnappers to release them unharmed.
3. That whatever the state government is doing towards the release of these children will be successful.
4. That God will keep the parents stable through this period. For some parents, issues like this becomes the beginning of their end even long after the children are released. May God keep them strong.
5. Finally pray that this gang shall cease to operate in Jesus name. Amen.

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