Monday, 14 November 2016

Sacred Platforms by Dr Ferdinand Nweke

This Message was given by Dr Ferdinand Nweke, the Coordinator of Eternity Ministries. "O Lord, raise a Church of warriors and ministers" Amen.

Please create time and listen to this Audio. God bless you.

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The message was delivered in Calvary Ministries in REIGNITE LIVE!

New Breed for Missions by Sam Kputu

Many a mission agency are not only grappling with diminishing numbers in workforce but also in active partners. The latter is largely due to increased attrition, low interest and even lower enlistment. The Church's Generation Next appear to be high on worship and personal advancement but low on missions and personal sacrifice. Should we blame them? They are what their Teachers and Mentors have made of them.

To solve this challenge of a church generation averse to "traditional missions", many are advocating or even resorting to rebranding missions, usually by seeking to remove or minimize the faith and risk elements associated with this call of sacrifice. In this adventure, the so-called "Faith Missions" are most culpable. They erroneously think the issue lies in "living by faith", or in "not loving our lives even unto death". How mistaken.

In the same era of a church generation spurning the faith-life and self-sacrifice that missions will always require and demand, we see radical youth movements of other faiths arising and demonstrating the self-sacrifice and undying faith needed to confront an otherwise comfortable and complacent world. For while many a mission agency, especially in the developed world are battling to recruit or retain their fast diminishing numbers, ISIS is busy harvesting a vast number of laborers and partners from among their young. And this without rebranding to minimize the risk associated with a jihad.

Make no bones about it, today's missions need change and innovation in their mobilization, training and engagement strategies, but none of this must have as an agenda the removal or minimization of the faith, sacrifice and risk missions require and demand, more so in a world where the battle for the souls of men is raging higher. What is required is the rebreeding of a generation of Christians to which the cross of Christ still holds an awe and attraction. There are too many Christ-less and cross-less "Christians" in our church crowds. And too many "Pentecostals" without a genuine experience of Pentecost.

And how we need a fresh experience of Pentecost! For only when God's people are soaked in the Holy Spirit that power, passion, purity, vision and willingness becomes the default mode of their lives and devotion.

"In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams... Your troops (people) will be willing on your day of battle (power), Arrayed in holy splendor, your young men will come to you like dew from the morning's womb" Acts 2:17; Ps.110:3. NIV.

Culled from OCCUPY A magazine of Calvary Ministries (CAPRO) Vol.36; No.1; Pg 22. Calvary Ministries is a foremost African Missionary movement that has been Mobilizing, Training and Sending out missionaries since 1975. Office Mobile: +234-(0)7056792823, +234-(0)8166155009

Friday, 11 November 2016

If nothing is done for these people, this will lead to a huge tragedy

"Aid workers who recently visited two Christian camps in Maiduguri reported: “Life has become hell for the more than 3000 people living here... Already people are resorting to eating leaves. Children are dying of hunger. If nothing is done for these people, this will lead to a huge tragedy. People cannot go home because Boko Haram is constantly regrouping and continuing attacks.”" From World Watch Monitor.

This was an assessment made by the Aid Workers who are working among Christians in the North East of Nigeria. The truth is that some of our brethren are discriminated against when it comes to aids sharing. These are people that all their means of livelihood have been wiped off. Even if the insurgence ends today, their lives will never remain the same. They need help urgently.

What are we doing as a church in Nigeria? What is your church doing? What is your fellowship doing? What are we doing as families? What are we doing in our organizations that have Christian leanings? Where are our sacrifices?

Is it not unbelievable that some Christians are dying of hunger but our offerings have not changed; resource allocations are still the same; and our preaching rarely mention them? The Nigerian Church seems to have become what C.S Lewis called Men Without Chest in his book The Abolition of Man. We show a lot of exuberance and make a lot of noise but our hearts are not touched to express our gratitude to God in practical ways towards the sufferings of our fellow man. We seem not to feel anything in our chest. We have a massive opportunity to preach the gospel now but we seem to live nonchalantly as if nothing is happening. The opportunity for social work is a great opportunity we can all leverage on to preach the Gospel of Jesus now the door is wide open. Some of the monies we raise in the South to build structures can be sent into this work. We can cut something out of our vacation and holiday spending in order to help some of these ones rebuild their lives. By now, the matter is supposed to be everywhere on the websites of churches in Nigeria. Unfortunately if you google, the results will only show the Roman Catholic Agencies and other foreign bodies. We seem to be more concerned playing politics.

From the story the Lord Jesus told in Luke 10, the man was wounded and abandoned along the Jericho road. The Samaritan was the one who showed compassion. Men and women are wounded today both physically and emotionally because of persecution just across the neighborhood. The "priests" and the "Levites" of today have not behaved differently from the same way they behaved in Jesus' story; but where are the Samaritans that will show some compassion today?

You can be used by God to motivate your church to do something. You can write us at or in case your church does not have any plan and you want to participate. We can link you up to agencies that are working in these camps. As you consider in your heart how God will want you to respond, may He bless you.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Asia Bibi: Judge Steps Down and Case Adjourned

We shared here concerning Asia Bibi and the case against her in Pakistani Court. This woman is condemned to death for concocted blasphemy and has been waiting for her final appeal for some time now.

The appeal was supposed to come up this month of October but the leading Supreme Court judge suddenly stepped down from the case on the grounds that he had been a judge in the trial of Mumtaz Qadri. (Mumtaz was previously convicted and condemned to death for murdering Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer, who had opposed the country's blasphemy laws.). Obviously he is afraid for his life.

From Voice of Martyrs, Please pray that God's strength and peace will sustain Asia, her family and those representing her (Philippians 4:7), while also keeping them safe from any assault or threat against their lives. Ask Him to grant wisdom, courage and protection to the members of the Pakistani government, as well as the Supreme Court judges who will be hearing Asia's appeal. May they not be intimidated by the militants but rather encouraged to act justly and extend mercy. Through it all, may Asia's case be used to highlight the injustice of Pakistan's blasphemy laws and to testify of her steadfast Christian faith to many around the world.