Sunday, 7 August 2016

Western Culture is at the Edge of Dying - Ravi Zacharias

“Secularity has no staying power… you cannot live with a neutral view towards values… the Herods are still with us they don’t want the Christ child; the Pilates are still with us they ask, “what is truth?” but don’t wait for the answer; the Caesars are still with us they want to be worshiped, times have changed, human nature has not. So the west better awaken to learn from history. I hope it’s not too late but that’s the reality.” Dr. Ravi Zacharias (Apologist, Evangelist, & Author).

Listen to what he said on the importance of recovery of fatherhood today. After listening to part 1, I made a phone call to talk to my son. 

Remain blessed.

Part 1


 Part 2

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