Friday, 29 January 2016

Fulani Herdsmen attacked a village near Jos, Plateau, Nigeria

This is part of the war of Islam against Christianity. One may even be tempted to say that Boko Haram members have sneaked into the communities and are using these herdsmen as a cover up. Please continue to pray for the brethren living in areas where they suffer severe persecution. May God help them to be strong till the end. May their lives and testimonies bear fruits that will remain.

Last month, Fulani herdsmen attacked two homes in the predominantly Christian village of Hwak Kwata-Zawan, located near the city of Jos. The militants also raided a nearby compound consisting of Nigerians who had been initially displaced by violence elsewhere in the country's Plateau state. The total number of fatalities resulting from the raids has reached 15, leaving many more in the community grief-stricken and emotionally wounded.
In one of the village homes, 57-year-old Rose Monday was killed while trying to protect her three young grandchildren from the gunmen. Two of the three children had unfortunately succumbed to their injuries. Their elder sister, five-year-old Anna, who miraculously survived, is receiving treatment in hospital for gunshot wounds. Rose's daughter (the children's aunt) added that their remaining relatives are consoled to know that one day they will all be reunited as a family with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Friday, 15 January 2016

At last, The Anglican Church begins to take a stand

The one week-long Primates Meeting in England is coming to an end and a consensus statement has been made concerning the homosexual stance of the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA). This is good news but as the Archbishop of Uganda, Rt. Rev. Stanley Ntagali rightly said, "this action must not be seen as an end, but as a beginning."

The implication of this is that the "Episcopalians "no longer represent us on ecumenical and interfaith bodies," and have the equivalent of observer status in Anglican commissions" according to the statement.

We all wish that God will prevail upon every heart so that when we are confronted with our sins, instead of defending and finding ways to justify ourselves, we simply repent and ask God for mercy. Homosexualism is just one of sexual perversions that have been from of old.

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