Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Urgent Prayers for Pastor Behnam Irani

We have been updating all our friends and viewers on the persecuted brethren in Iran and other parts of the world calling us to prayers. It is very easy to relax and become complacent when we live in parts of the world where there is relative peace and you are not being harrassed for your faith.
However, for every peaceful night of sleep you enjoy, know that there are brethren who are spending the same night in prisons without comfort. For every opportunity you have to visit a hospital to treat either your self or loved one, remember that there are thousands of believers who are languishing in prisons around the world who are not granted access to medicare. They are being eaten up by their diseases or sicknesses, seeing their death before them and are helpless about their condition. Except God intervenes, their stories will not be different from that of those who have died.

Please look at this prayer request below and make sure your family, fellowship group, and church participate in praying for Brother Behnam Irani. Equally do not forget that Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is still awaiting execution, except God intervenes through our prayers.

"We have an urgent prayer request for pastor Behnam Irani of Karaj, Iran. He continues to suffer from bloody stool, and within the last week was so sick that he became unconscious. As a result he was finally allowed to go to the prison hospital. It appears that what he was suffering with was not intestinal, but rather a bleeding ulcer. We are thankful that he has been allowed to see a doctor and is being treated for his illness, but since the situation is so serious, we ask for your prayers for his healing. Jesus said, “If thou canst believe all things are possible,” Mark 9:23. Let’s put our faith together in prayer for our brother who is suffering and believe for his healing. Please pass the prayer request on to your churches, prayer groups, and bible studies."

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