Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Finishing Strong: As you run the race of life, have the vision of the finish line

What does it mean to finish strong?
It means that you will come to the end of your life with a strong and close relationship to Christ. It means that, unless God has taken your wife ahead of you, you will be married to the same woman that you are today. It means that you are a man who is in the Scriptures and living the Scriptures. It means that you are a man who has fought some battles for the kingdom and has the scars to prove it. To finish strong means that you are leaving your children and grandchildren the priceless heritage of a godly life.

Steve Farrar, Finishing Strong (Oregon, USA; Multinomah Publishers, Inc., 1995) Pg 215

As I and my wife wish you all Merry Christmas, I pray that we celebrate, keeping our eyes on the finish line of the race of life so that we are not distracted from the Lord Jesus. He stands at the end of the journey waving and encouraging us to move on and make sure that we finish strong no matter what.

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