Saturday, 7 February 2009

Enjoyment and joy: Are they the same?

We were in a Bible Study yesterday in the Church and an argument ensued. It was whether Paul had in mind. enjoyment/pleasure when he was asking the Phillippians to rejoice again and again as they live their Christian life.

I want to ask the same question here to get other opinions from you.

To me, I think that there is a world of difference between the two words. You can have tribulations and trials and still have peace and joy but you cannot have enjoyment in the midst of pains.

Remain blessed!

Sister Meena (29) gand raped in India.

Indeed "Tough times require tough faith"
Just go through this prayer alert from The Persecuted Church and see what our fellow christians are going through in different parts of the world. I suggest you freely subscribe for these emails so you can be receiving them yourself. Make sure you pray.

Ten men charged with raping nun in India

Indian police charged ten men on January 29 for the rape of a Catholic nun that occurred during anti-Christian violence that erupted in Orissa in August (read the story). On August 25, a mob of Hindu militants attacked the prayer hall in the village of K. Nuagaon, Kandhamal district where Sister Meena (29) worked. She was grabbed by several men who tore off her clothes and held her down while one man raped her. Sister Meena was then paraded naked through the streets along with a priest. Although police were present, they did nothing to stop the assault. The ten have been charged with gang rape since assisting rape carries the same charge as actually committing the crime according to Indian law. At last report, the rapist had not yet been found.

Pray that authorities will bring to justice all who were involved in the attack. Pray that Sister Meena will look to God for strength as she recovers. Pray for a lasting peace in Orissa state.

Find out more about how Indian Christians suffer for Jesus' sake from