Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Life that satisfies

There is nothing wrong with searching for what will bring happiness and joy to our lives. The only question is, 'where and how do you search for them?'. If you search for a right thing in a wrong way and wrong place, you will definitely come home hollow and frustrated. The Lord Jesus Christ gives the Life that satisfies.

The Life that satisfies
Searching for the life that satisfies,
Searching for the love that is true,
Some are searching for the peace that will put their minds together,
Some have died in their search for joy.

Honest heart and open mind are needed here,
I'm gonna say what only few can realize,
In my mind cannot be made what God desires,
God sent His answer in the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus says "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"
"Come unto me as you are you'll be at rest"
That is the point-way God on high made for us,
I've got this faith and now I have a song to sing:

I am free, I am free Justified,
I'm loved not because of my good works.
I am saved, ..saved, dou..btless
I'm satisfied, satisfied, I'm satisfied.

Are you still searching for the life that satisfied,
Are you still searching for the love that is true,
Are you still searching for the peace that can put your mind together,
Do not die in your search for joy.

You can be free, you can be free, jus..tified,
You are loved, not because of your works,
You can be saved, saved dou..btless
Be satisfied, satisfied, be satisfied.

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