Friday, 15 February 2008

Matters from the Heart

I love this. It tells of the love of God that draws us to Himself through the Lord Jesus Christ. He died for me and you so that believing in Him, we may have eternal life. This is real. I've experienced it and confirm that God saves. This poem is from a poster with the name 'Crystal' in the Christian Room on

Matters from the Heart

I took and carried our blame
Your soul I redeemed
I bought you

I commanded nature to sing
You a love song
Wishing you would come to me
My heart aches how long, how long
I long for you

I waited for you all night
You never came
You sold yourself cheaply
So again I took the blame
I waited for you

I look for you
I found you in the town square
There you were cold and bare
I covered you

I love you no less
Even though your life was a mess
I want to cleanse you

I court you then married you
You are not free
You belong to me
I want to talk to you

I saved you
Your company I missed
I want to fill your life
With beauty and bliss
Can’t you tell how much I love you?