Monday, 13 October 2008

International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Pray For Us... This is the plea of persecuted Christians around the world. Today 200 million people are suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ, and over 165 thousand will be killed this year for their witness or identification with Jesus. On November 9, Canadians will join with Christians in over 130 countries to stand in prayer with our suffering sisters and brothers for the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP). The theme this year is "Pray for the Persecutors," based on Romans 12:9-21. To get your church, Bible Study or small group involved in IDOP, go to, where you can download a free resource kit.

If you are a Pastor or Christian leader, especially those who lead prayer groups, please organize your prayer group to observe this day. You can change your prayer programme to accommodate this IDOP.

Remain blessed!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Pray for our persecuted brethren in India.

India has been a relatively calm place until recently. All the anti-conversion laws being passed in India and other Islamic countries are giving the persecution of christian a legal covering. But why the jittery among these other religions? Why should men fight for their gods. Why are they afraid of Christianity? Is it that they don't have strong argument to withstand the reality that Christianity presents?
Brethren, let us continue to pray for our brethren.
Specific instances of personal attacks can be named all across India. In May 2005, the death sentence for the man convicted of murdering Australian missionary Graham Staines and his boys in 1999 was commuted from the death sentence to life imprisonment. Seeing this as leniency for those who kill Christians, a Hindu militant and at least two others entrapped and murdered two pastors on the outskirts of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh.

Reports of village churches being destroyed and church leaders being threatened by local Hindus continue to be a daily reality in India. Other persecution faced by Christians is more subtle, as converts to Christianity are often cast out of their families and face poverty and ostracism.

Prayer Requests

* Pray that militant influences in the government will continue to decrease and that freedom of religion will be recognized throughout India.
* Pray for protection for pastors, evangelists and other Christian workers as they share the Good News of Jesus.
* Pray for that those who turn to Christ will find the means to have their needs met.
* Pray that those who seek to hinder the work of the Church in India will see the love and grace of Jesus in the lives of Indian Christians.

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Friday, 12 September 2008

Brokenness - Study One Part 2

Breaking and re-moulding of the clay to meet the Potter’s taste ( Jer.18:1-6)

“O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the LORD. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel.” Jer 18:6 (KJV)

Here God is saying that He can handle us the way the potter handles the clay. He is not saying that we are inanimate as the clay or that He has no affection for us, He is just trying to emphasize His sovereignty over our lives and all that concerns us just as the Potter primarily determines what happens to the clay.

One of the ways we grow in relationship with God is when we begin to grasp the fact God does whatever pleases Him in heaven above and in the earth beneath and in all of His creation. He does not exist for us or because of us, we exist because of Him and for Him. He is the Creator while we are His creatures.

His pleasure is more important that our pleasure. In His pleasure, we find our own pleasure. Any pleasure pursued outside of Him ends in disappointment and failure. We are made perfect only in Him. His glory is more important than our glory. In fact, all glory belongs to Him.

In the picture that the prophet paints for us, the wish of the Potter is more paramount than the wish of the clay. He often have reasons for breaking the old vessel He has made in order to re-mould it again. He has that freedom and every man that must follow God must acknowledge this freedom and respect it.
The prophets seem to understand God better than most of us today. Isaiah said:

“But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.” Isa 64:8 (KJV)

It is a way of declaring our submission to God. Many a times, it takes God months and years of training in order to bring us to this submission. He keeps pitting us into breaking experiences that teaches us that He has the final say in our lives. He allows experiences that shatter our ‘child-hood’ behaviours of thinking that we will always get what we want. He teaches us that we have to allow Him to be God in our lives. It is all about Him. This maturity is not always easy to come by.

We are supposed to be positively responsive to Him as He trains us. We are not bastards. Every child that the parent loves undergoes discipline. We must submit to Him. Perhaps when next you find yourself in situations you cannot control,; things are just out of your hands and you can not do anything about it, that maybe God speaking to you to allow Him to be God in your life.
That is freedom indeed.

Brokenness means willingly losing your rights and will into the will of the Potter to mould you into, not what you want to be, but what He wants you to be. God breaks certain areas in our lives so that we can become malleable in His hands for effective use. The harder the area, the harder He breaks. Most of the times, He breaks the old vessel entirely and begins to mould a new one to His taste. We experience brokenness when God sends us to His workshop for shaping, depending on the place HE has, in His sovereignty, meant for us to fit in His church. Those that run away from the workshop and abandon training end up causing confusion and noise in the church. When people look at them, they question their life because they are not adding beauty to God’s building- the church. Who are you in God’s building?

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Brokenness - Study One Part 1

This is the first on this series. We had already defined brokenness as the painful process of training and discipline it takes to be totally kept under God and fully submitted to Him. They are those actions taken by God in order to produce character, self-control and habits of obedience in His child. God does not only deal with the visible habits but also the hidden thoughts, attitudes and intents of the heart.
We are going to see examples that illustrate brokenness so that we have better and broader understanding of the subject. They will be discussed exhaustively. Brokenness, no matter how painful it may be, is inevitable to every life that will be useful in God’s hand in bringing divine virtues to this broken world.
Shaping of costly stones in the Quarry for use in God’s building (1kgs 5: 17-18; 6:7)

“And the king commanded, and they brought great stones, costly stones, and hewed stones, to lay the foundation of the house. And Solomon's builders and Hiram's builders did hew them, and the stonesquarers: so they prepared timber and stones to build the house.” ( I Kings 5:17-18 KJV).

“And the house, when it was in building, was built of stone made ready before it was brought thither: so that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it was in building.” ( I King 6:7

A quarry is an open excavation from which stone is cut, usually for building purposes…while building stones were occasionally finished at the quarry, the final dressing was usually completed at the building site. (from Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary) (Copyright (C) 1986, Thomas Nelson Publishers)
The stones are cut into desired shapes. Rough edges are removed. If a piece of stone is taken to the site and it is discovered that it did not go through the quarry, the workmen will reject it and send it back. Why? Working on it in the building is going to cause noise and extra energy. This is because the tools for preparing the stones are in the quarry. The building site is for finished products to be fixed so as to bring out the beauty of the house. It shows that any stone that did not go to the quarry will be useless to the builders at the site.
From 1 Kings 5:17, we learn that the stones were great ones, costly and expensive, yet they had to go to the quarry. They had to go there if they would fit into the plan for the building.

Now, “we are labourers together with God: ye are God's husbandry, ye are God's building.” 1 Cor 3:9 (KJV)

“But Christ as a son over his own house; whose house are we, if we hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope firm unto the end.” Heb 3:6 (KJV)

“Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.” 1 Pet 2:5 (KJV)

We are God’s building and at the same time God’s co-builders. We are the instruments God uses to build His house, the Church. God wants to make us able instruments in His hands. However, we must be willing to go to the quarry so that we can fit into God’s plan. All of us are raw materials but our usefulness depends on how we yield and consecrate our lives to God.

There is so much ‘noise, completion, confusion and quarrels’ today in the building site because men have refused training and discipline. We are all here giving reasons why our failures are legitimate and our weaknesses have no help. As we continually submit ourselves to God’s dealings, we grow everyday to become the kind of vessels He wants us to be fit for His use.

The next time you begin to pass through some difficult situation, ask God to help you see whether it is a ‘quarry experience’ for your training or not.

Download the study one guide here for use in small groups!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008


General Memory Verse “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose” Rom.8: 28
To break means to subdue, keep under, train or discipline, be brought to a disciplined state, oftentimes by force, blow or strain. When a horse is broken for example, it means that it has accustomed itself to wearing harness and therefore trained and under control. A broken child is a child that has responded positively to training and discipline.
Brokenness is the painful process of training and discipline it takes to be totally kept under God and fully submitted to Him. They are those actions taken by God in order to produce character, self-control and habits of obedience in His child. God does not only deal with the visible habits but also the hidden thoughts, attitudes and intents of the heart. Men may ask questions and be confused when they see God subjecting His faithful child to training and discipline because they judge by appearance. However, God always knows what He is pursuing in every man’s life, though men do not often see it.
The devil does not discipline any of God’s children because he has no right to do so but he can be used by God to achieve His purpose. Each process of brokenness a child of God goes through is allowed by God with good intentions and purposes. Anything can be used instrumentally but God is behind it all. It is entirely the working of God, hooked to His sovereignty and accepted by our faith for His divine purposes. These purposes are oftentimes neither explained nor understood by us in the midst of the process but later. Faith accepts it by saying, “not what I want nor my way but your way and your purpose, Lord”
As we go through this series of studies, it is very important that you settle it in your heart that the devil’s activities are not dominant. It is God’s activities that are dominant and in control of your life as a child of God. The devil’s activities, as far as your life is concerned, are contained and controlled within the activities of God to work together for your good, to the glory of God and the total shame of the devil. Let’s pray and open our hearts unto God so that at the end of this series, He must have achieved the willingness and yieldedness in us to make us what He wants us to be.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Series on Brokenness

This is new.
I'll be doing a series of teachings on this very important matter: Brokenness. I'll provide a downloadable study guide in Adode Reader format for small groups in churches and fellowship groups. You only need to write me to let me know you downloaded the material:

Son of top Hamas leader converts to Christianity

God is doing great things these days. This testimony yet again confirms the authenticity of the gospel which we preach.
For every souls that is transformed by the power of the gospel of the Lord Jesus, the further it is confirmed the efficacy of the Word of God to change lives.
The son of a Hamas leader gives his life to Christ, calls his father and family to receive Jesus.
By Aaron Klein

Son of top Hamas leader converts to Christianity
'I hope my father and family open their eyes to Jesus and the Kingdom of God'
Posted: July 31, 2008
1:35 pm Eastern

JERUSALEM – The son of one of the most popular leaders in the Hamas terrorist organization has moved to the U.S. and converted to Christianity, it has emerged.

In an exclusive interview with Israel's Haaretz newspaper, Masab Yousuf, son of West Bank Hamas leader Sheik Hassan Yousef, slammed Hamas, praised Israel and said he hoped his terrorist father will open his eyes to Jesus and to Christianity.

"I know that I'm endangering my life and am even liable to lose my father, but I hope that he'll understand this and that God will give him and my family patience and willingness to open their eyes to Jesus and to Christianity. Maybe one day I'll be able to return to Palestine and to Ramallah with Jesus, in the Kingdom of God," Masab said.

Read it all here

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Tension in the LAMBETH Conference as Sudan addresses the press

On Tuesday 22nd of July, the conference experienced a shake up when the Archbishop of the Sudan released a statement calling for the Episcopal Church of the United States to repent, and to cease “with immediate effect” its advocacy of gay bishops and blessings.

Rebuffed by conference organizers in releasing his message, Dr. Daniel Deng, Archbishop of Juba and Primate of the Sudan, went round them and held an impromptu press conference in the media room, and issued a call for Gene Robinson to step aside to save the Communion.

If [Gene Robinson] were a real Christian he would resign” Archbishop Deng said on July 22, as the Episcopal Church’s media handlers looked on in shock. A number of American bishops were taken aback by the Sudanese statement, as Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and a number of her colleagues spent the days before the opening of Lambeth with the Sudanese bishops in Salisbury.
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Read the full address of the Primate of Sudan Dr Daniel Deng Bul here

GAFCON Petition

I love what some folks in the Church of England are doing right now. Thank God for the GAFCON conference and all the people that God used to draft the final statement that has given a lead to what I see will bring sparks of revival in the Anglican Communion.

A petition is available for online signature for those individuals who wish to indicate their solidarity with the GAFCON movement. The wording of the petition is,

"I stand in solidarity with the Jerusalem Declaration and Statement on the Global Anglican Future."

Just click here to sign online

Remember the GAFCON Statement is here

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Archbishop of Canterbury: 'Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims'

It's time the Archbishop of Canterbury tell us actually who he is representing. Is he representing Christians or is he representing Moslems? Just a few weeks ago, he said that Britain should make allowance for Sharia Law.
Last month, a major section of Anglican Christians from around the world held a conference in Jerusalem under a movement - GAFCON, to fashion out the future of the church because of the Archbishop's lack of will to make a decision, or better said, implement decisions he reached with the other Archbishops in several meetings. Now the communion is torn. Many of the Archbishops and Bishops from several nations have boycotted the Lambeth Conference which started on the 15th of July, including "Dr Nazir-Ali, whose seat in Rochester is just 20 miles away." Dr Nazir-Ali was at the GAFCON conference.
Now he's at it again. Is this man real? Is he serious? Is he out to serve God? Is he a practicing Christian or just one of the nominal fellows what chose 'Church work' and are climbing the ladder of leadership because of their prowess? Or does he have a hidden agenda we are yet to know? Does he have convictions? By saying that 'Christian doctrine is offensive to Muslims', he disarms himself and others he represents the boldness to preach the gospel. If it offends the muslims, then what? Doesn't islamic teachings offend others? Why should we continue to capitulate all the time while islam assume a victim status at the expense of all other religions?
May God save from such men who will only end up preparing members for the 'great falling away.'
Read the whole story here!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


“Then shall two be in the field, the one shall be taken and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill, the one shall be taken and the other left. Watch therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come”. Matt 24:40-42

Sooner or later, the World will witness the most amazing event in the history of Mankind. It is a phenomenon beyond human wisdom and understanding because both the living and the dead will be caught up suddenly to meet with the Lord in the sky leaving the world dazed. I could imagine Religious leaders, Academicians, Security operatives, Scientists and Leaders of Nations investigating and trying to explain to the dazed and confused World what has just happened to relations, friends and colleagues. Every TV and Radio station will be giving the breaking news with many unanswered questions. Imagine riding on a motorbike and suddenly, the bike driver is no more, the incoming vehicle has no body behind the steering, the pastor has just disappeared in the middle of a sermon, the person sitting beside you is gone, your spouse was nowhere to be found. What a confusion! It sounds illogical, isn’t it? But it will be a reality JUST ONE DAY. Jesus said that the heaven and earth shall pass away but his word shall not pass away unfulfilled. As the night follows the day and the dawn after a long darkness of the night so shall Rapture be for real irrespective of your theology and conviction. The Saints of the Lord, redeemed by the blood of Jesus shall be raptured in a moment out of this world.

“But the fearful and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, sorcerers, and idolators and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone which is the second death” Rev 21:8

Let us watch, brethren for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. Are you still hardened in your heart my dear friend? You have opportunity NOW to repent and believe the gospel. What are you waiting for?

written by Anayo in

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Persecution Report from Voice of the Martyrs

Many of us who live in the southern part of Nigeria do not know what believers are going through in the north and many other muslim-majority countries around the world. This ignorance is of great consequence as you will not able to pray properly. Watch this month's report which features up-to-date news, interviews and testimonies from around the world including Eritrea, Nigeria, Israel and Vietnam. Please pray and spread the news to make Christians aware. Another danger of this ignorance is that we will continue to preach our 'strange' message of prosperity instead of committing ourselves to missions and helping one another.

Watch Now

You can see more information here and the Persecuted Weblog here.

Monday, 30 June 2008

GAFCON Final Statement

Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) has been on for the past one week in Jerusalem. Anglicans from around the world, who protest the ordination of an openly professed gay as a bishop in The Evangelical Church of the United States of America, organized this conference to discuss the future of the Anglican Communion. The authority of the scripture was emphasized throughout the period of the conference. We must hold the Bible as our ultimate Source for faith and practice. We will be making reference to the implications of this conference from time to time in this blog. Read the final statement of the conference.

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GAFCON Final Statement

Praise the LORD!
It is good to sing praises to our God; for he is gracious, and a song of praise is fitting.
The LORD builds up Jerusalem; he gathers the outcasts of Israel. (Psalm 147:1-2)
Brothers and Sisters in Christ: We, the participants in the Global Anglican Future Conference, send you greetings from Jerusalem!
The Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON), which was held in Jerusalem from 22-29 June 2008, is a spiritual movement to preserve and promote the truth and power of the gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ as we Anglicans have received it. The movement is global: it has mobilised Anglicans from around the world. We are Anglican: 1148 lay and clergy participants, including 291 bishops representing millions of faithful Anglican Christians. We cherish our Anglican heritage and the Anglican Communion and have no intention of departing rom it. And we believe that, in God’s providence, Anglicanism has a bright future in obedience to our Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations and to build up the church on the foundation of biblical truth (Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 2:20).
GAFCON is not just a moment in time, but a movement in the Spirit, and we hereby:
• launch the GAFCON movement as a fellowship of confessing Anglicans
• publish the Jerusalem Declaration as the basis of the fellowship
• encourage GAFCON Primates to form a Council.
The Global Anglican Context
The future of the Anglican Communion is but a piece of the wider scenario of opportunities and challenges for the gospel in 21st century global culture. We rejoice in the way God has opened doors for gospel mission among many peoples, but we grieve for the spiritual decline in the most economically developed nations, where the forces of militant secularism and pluralism are eating away the fabric of society and churches are compromised and enfeebled in their witness. The vacuum left by them is readily filled by other faiths and deceptive cults. To meet these challenges will require Christians to work together to understand and oppose these forces and to liberate those under their sway. It will entail the planting of new churches among unreached peoples and also committed action to restore authentic Christianity to compromised churches.
The Anglican Communion, present in six continents, is well positioned to address this challenge, but currently it is divided and distracted. The Global Anglican Future Conference emerged in response to a crisis within the Anglican Communion, a crisis involving three undeniable facts concerning world Anglicanism.
The first fact is the acceptance and promotion within the provinces of the Anglican Communion of a different ‘gospel’ (cf. Galatians 1:6-8) which is contrary to the apostolic gospel. This false gospel undermines the authority of God’s Word written and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as the author of salvation from sin, death and judgement. Many of its proponents claim that all religions offer equal access to God and that Jesus is only a way, not the way, the truth and the life. It promotes a variety of sexual preferences and immoral behaviour as a universal human right. It claims God’s blessing for same-sex unions over against the biblical teaching on holy matrimony. In 2003 this false gospel led to the consecration of a bishop living in a homosexual relationship.
The second fact is the declaration by provincial bodies in the Global South that they are out of communion with bishops and churches that promote this false gospel. These declarations have resulted in a realignment whereby faithful Anglican Christians have left existing territorial parishes, dioceses and provinces in certain Western churches and become members of other dioceses and provinces, all within the Anglican Communion. These actions have also led to the appointment of new Anglican bishops set over geographic areas already occupied by other Anglican bishops. A major realignment has occurred and will continue to unfold.
The third fact is the manifest failure of the Communion Instruments to exercise discipline in the face of overt heterodoxy. The Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada, in proclaiming this false gospel, have consistently defied the 1998 Lambeth statement of biblical moral principle (Resolution 1.10). Despite numerous meetings and reports to and from the ‘Instruments of Unity,’ no effective action has been taken, and the bishops of these unrepentant churches are welcomed to Lambeth 2008. To make matters worse, there has been a failure to honour promises of discipline, the authority of the Primates’ Meeting has been undermined and the Lambeth Conference has been structured so as to avoid any hard decisions. We can only come to the devastating conclusion that ‘we are a global Communion with a colonial structure’.
Sadly, this crisis has torn the fabric of the Communion in such a way that it cannot simply be patched back together. At the same time, it has brought together many Anglicans across the globe into personal and pastoral relationships in a fellowship which is faithful to biblical teaching, more representative of the demographic distribution of global Anglicanism today and stronger as an instrument of effective mission, ministry and social involvement.
A Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans
We, the participants in the Global Anglican Future Conference, are a fellowship of confessing Anglicans for the benefit of the Church and the furtherance of its mission. We are a fellowship of people united in the communion (koinonia) of the one Spirit and committed to work and pray together in the common mission of Christ. It is a confessing fellowship in that its members confess the faith of Christ crucified, stand firm for the gospel in the global and Anglican context, and affirm a contemporary rule, the Jerusalem Declaration, to guide the movement for the future. We are a fellowship of Anglicans, including provinces, dioceses, churches, missionary jurisdictions, para-church organisations and individual Anglican Christians whose goal is to reform, heal and revitalise the Anglican Communion and expand its mission to the world.
Our fellowship is not breaking away from the Anglican Communion. We, together with many other faithful Anglicans throughout the world, believe the doctrinal foundation of Anglicanism, which defines our core identity as Anglicans, is expressed in these words: The doctrine of the Church is grounded in the Holy Scriptures and in such teachings of the ancient Fathers and Councils of the Church as are agreeable to the said Scriptures. In particular, such doctrine is to be found in the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, the Book of Common Prayer and the Ordinal. We intend to remain faithful to this standard, and we call on others in the Communion to reaffirm and return to it. While acknowledging the nature of Canterbury as an historic see, we do not accept that Anglican identity is determined necessarily through recognition by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Building on the above doctrinal foundation of Anglican identity, we hereby publish the Jerusalem Declaration as the basis of our fellowship.

The Jerusalem Declaration
In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit:
We, the participants in the Global Anglican Future Conference, have met in the land of Jesus’ birth. We express our loyalty as disciples to the King of kings, the Lord Jesus. We joyfully embrace his command to proclaim the reality of his kingdom which he first announced in this land. The gospel of the kingdom is the good news of salvation, liberation and transformation for all. In light of the above, we agree to chart a way forward together that promotes and protects the biblical gospel and mission to the world, solemnly declaring the following tenets of orthodoxy which underpin our Anglican identity.
1. We rejoice in the gospel of God through which we have been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Because God first loved us, we love him and as believers bring forth fruits of love, ongoing repentance, lively hope and thanksgiving to God in all things.
2. We believe the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments to be the Word of God written and to contain all things necessary for salvation. The Bible is to be translated, read, preached, taught and obeyed in its plain and canonical sense, respectful of the church’s historic and consensual reading.
3. We uphold the four Ecumenical Councils and the three historic Creeds as expressing the rule of faith of the one holy catholic and apostolic Church.
4. We uphold the Thirty-nine Articles as containing the true doctrine of the Church agreeing with God’s Word and as authoritative for Anglicans today.
5. We gladly proclaim and submit to the unique and universal Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, humanity’s only Saviour from sin, judgement and hell, who lived the life we could not live and died the death that we deserve. By his atoning death and glorious resurrection, he secured the redemption of all who come to him in repentance and faith.
6. We rejoice in our Anglican sacramental and liturgical heritage as an expression of the gospel, and we uphold the 1662 Book of Common Prayer as a true and authoritative standard of worship and prayer, to be translated and locally adapted for each culture.
7. We recognise that God has called and gifted bishops, priests and deacons in historic succession to equip all the people of God for their ministry in the world. We uphold the classic Anglican Ordinal as an authoritative standard of clerical orders.
8. We acknowledge God’s creation of humankind as male and female and the unchangeable standard of Christian marriage between one man and one woman as the proper place for sexual intimacy and the basis of the family. We repent of our failures to maintain this standard and call for a renewed commitment to lifelong fidelity in marriage and abstinence for those who are not married.
9. We gladly accept the Great Commission of the risen Lord to make disciples of all nations, to seek those who do not know Christ and to baptise, teach and bring new believers to maturity.
10. We are mindful of our responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation, to uphold and advocate justice in society, and to seek relief and empowerment of the poor and needy.
11. We are committed to the unity of all those who know and love Christ and to building authentic ecumenical relationships. We recognise the orders and jurisdiction of those Anglicans who uphold orthodox faith and practice, and we encourage them to join us in this declaration.
12. We celebrate the God-given diversity among us which enriches our global fellowship, and we acknowledge freedom in secondary matters. We pledge to work together to seek the mind of Christ on issues that divide us.
13. We reject the authority of those churches and leaders who have denied the orthodox faith in word or deed. We pray for them and call on them to repent and return to the Lord.
14. We rejoice at the prospect of Jesus’ coming again in glory, and while we await this final event of history, we praise him for the way he builds up his church through his Spirit by miraculously changing lives.

The Road Ahead
We believe the Holy Spirit has led us during this week in Jerusalem to begin a new work. There are many important decisions for the development of this fellowship which will take more time, prayer and deliberation. Among other matters, we shall seek to expand participation in this fellowship beyond those who have come to Jerusalem, including cooperation with the Global South and the Council of Anglican Provinces in Africa. We can, however, discern certain milestones on the road ahead.
Primates’ Council
We, the participants in the Global Anglican Future Conference, do hereby acknowledge the participating Primates of GAFCON who have called us together, and encourage them to form the initial Council of the GAFCON movement. We look forward to the enlargement of the Council and entreat the Primates to organise and expand the fellowship of confessing Anglicans.
We urge the Primates’ Council to authenticate and recognise confessing Anglican jurisdictions, clergy and congregations and to encourage all Anglicans to promote the gospel and defend the faith.
We recognise the desirability of territorial jurisdiction for provinces and dioceses of the Anglican Communion, except in those areas where churches and leaders are denying the orthodox faith or are preventing its spread, and in a few areas for which overlapping jurisdictions are beneficial for historical or cultural reasons.
We thank God for the courageous actions of those Primates and provinces who have offered orthodox oversight to churches under false leadership, especially in North and South America. The actions of these Primates have been a positive response to pastoral necessities and mission opportunities. We believe that such actions will continue to be necessary and we support them in offering help around the world.
We believe this is a critical moment when the Primates’ Council will need to put in place structures to lead and support the church. In particular, we believe the time is now ripe for the formation of a province in North America for the federation currently known as Common Cause Partnership to be recognised by the Primates’ Council.
Conclusion: Message from Jerusalem
We, the participants in the Global Anglican Future Conference, were summoned by the Primates’ leadership team to Jerusalem in June 2008 to deliberate on the crisis that has divided the Anglican Communion for the past decade and to seek direction for the future. We have visited holy sites, prayed together, listened to God’s Word preached and expounded, learned from various speakers and teachers, and shared our thoughts and hopes with each other.
The meeting in Jerusalem this week was called in a sense of urgency that a false gospel has so paralysed the Anglican Communion that this crisis must be addressed. The chief threat of this dispute involves the compromising of the integrity of the church’s worldwide mission. The primary reason we have come to Jerusalem and issued this declaration is to free our churches to give clear and certain witness to Jesus Christ.
It is our hope that this Statement on the Global Anglican Future will be received with comfort and joy by many Anglicans around the world who have been distressed about the direction of the Communion. We believe the Anglican Communion should and will be reformed around the biblical gospel and mandate to go into all the world and present Christ to the nations.
Feast of St Peter and St Paul
29 June 2008

Friday, 27 June 2008

You can be healed

At the beautiful gate, the lame sat begging,
Begging for arms, begging for help,
He never knew that there's a Name,
That is bigger than the arms and man's help;
In the Name of Jesus, the lame man walked,
He ran and leaped praising the Lord.

You can be he--aled, says the Lord,
You can re--ceive, what you ask.
Just come by fai--th, To the Master,
And you can, never go, as you came.

At the gate of Nain, A widow was weeping,
For she thought, all her hope was gone.
She never knew, that there's a Name,
In whom, there is answer to her need;
She met the Lord, with a dead son,
But she left, with the son alive praising the Lord.

What men have said about your case,
May never be, God's Word;
His Word says 'You can be healed,
You can walk, you can leap praising the Lord,
Just come by faith, faith in Jesus,
You will have, a mi-ra-cle today.

Just come by faith, faith in Jesus,
You can have a miracle today.

Zakibiam 07.05.98

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Count it all joy

This is a blessing to my life. I just dusted it from my archives and want to share it with you. It was written in 1998 during my NYSC in Zakibiam, Benue State.

Count it all joy
Have you prayed all night long? Heaven seems like brass
If your life is pleasing to God, Count it all joy;
Even when answers delay, your mind full of questions,
If your mind is pleasing to God, the count it all joy.

Count it all joy, count it all joy,
If your life is pleasing to God,
Count it all joy.

When temptations tempt you sore, trials on every side,
There's only one thing to do, Trust His loving heart;
He'll never, never let you fall, underneath where you stand,
Are His eternal Arms, Count it all joy.

When you are feeling lonely, it seems the Lord is too far,
Loved ones are not near, your life seems cold;
It seems a lonely walk, where nobody cares,
If your life is pleasing to God, then count it all joy.

Count it all joy, in the face of various trials,
Along this Pilgrim's Way, count it all joy;
You've asked "is it my fault?", but hear the Word of God,
"Only be faithful, I'm there, follow me,
Wait, wait I say, wait don't bid me good bye,
I'm there I promise, you'll count it all joy".

My son count it all joy, my daughter count it all joy,
Only be faithful, you will count it all joy.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

3 Reasons why you need Jesus

You may have tried a lot of things in this your life an all failed. You may have even tried to find meaning in life because of the things that have befallen you of late. I just want to share with you the three reasons why you need the Lord Jesus Christ. Remain blessed!

3 Reasons why you need Jesus
1. Because you have a past:
You can't go back to your yesterday but He can. Heb.13:8. He can walk into those places of sin and failures, wipe the slate of your life clear and give you a new beginning.
2. Because you need a friend:
Jesus knows the worst about you, yet He believes the best for you. Why? Because He sees you not as you are, but s you will be when He gets through with you. What a friend!
3. Because He holds the future:
Who else are you going to trust? In His hands you are safe and secure today, tomorrow and for eternity. (Jer.29:11-13 TLB)
I wish that you receive Jesus and you do it today!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

The Life that satisfies

There is nothing wrong with searching for what will bring happiness and joy to our lives. The only question is, 'where and how do you search for them?'. If you search for a right thing in a wrong way and wrong place, you will definitely come home hollow and frustrated. The Lord Jesus Christ gives the Life that satisfies.

The Life that satisfies
Searching for the life that satisfies,
Searching for the love that is true,
Some are searching for the peace that will put their minds together,
Some have died in their search for joy.

Honest heart and open mind are needed here,
I'm gonna say what only few can realize,
In my mind cannot be made what God desires,
God sent His answer in the person of Jesus Christ.

Jesus says "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life"
"Come unto me as you are you'll be at rest"
That is the point-way God on high made for us,
I've got this faith and now I have a song to sing:

I am free, I am free Justified,
I'm loved not because of my good works.
I am saved, ..saved, dou..btless
I'm satisfied, satisfied, I'm satisfied.

Are you still searching for the life that satisfied,
Are you still searching for the love that is true,
Are you still searching for the peace that can put your mind together,
Do not die in your search for joy.

You can be free, you can be free, jus..tified,
You are loved, not because of your works,
You can be saved, saved dou..btless
Be satisfied, satisfied, be satisfied.

Monday, 2 June 2008

A Volunteer for Jesus

How many are ready to volunteer there lives to the Lord Jesus for His use? In a world where we focus on this right and that right oftentimes, we forget that when we give our lives to the Lord Jesus, we lose the 'right' to determine what happens in our lives. That is what it means to surrender to Him as Lord.

A volunteer for Jesus, a soldier true,
Others have enlisted, why don't you?
Jesus is the Captain, we will never fear,
Will you be enlisted as a volunteer?

A call for loyal soldiers, comes to one and all,
Soldiers for the conflict, will you heed the call?
Will you answer quickly, with already clear will?
Will you be enlisted as a volunteer?

Yes Jesus for soldiers who are filled with power,
Soldiers who will serve Him, everyday and hour,
He will not forsake you, He is ever near,
Will you be enlisted as a volunteer?

He calls you for He loves you, With a heart most kind,
He whose heart was broken, Broken for mankind,
Now just He calls you, Calls accent clear,
Will you be enlisted as a volunteer?

And when the war is over, And the victory is won,
When the true and faithful, gather one by one,
He will crown with glory, All who there appear,
Will you be enlisted as a volunteer?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

I Shall Rise Again!

This blessed my life so I want to share it here with you.

Don't Write Me Off, I Shall Rise Again.
If you see me on the ground
With a fallen face;
You don't have to write me off,
But you can offer a helping hand;
For you are called to do just that:
To strengthen the weak knee
When the righteous stumbles, he has hope in God.
So by the mercies of God, Do not write me off
For I hall rise again.

If you take a good look around you,
You will see bruised souls,
Wounded in the battles of this life;
They need someone to help them.
Littered in broken homes and banquets,
In prisons and palaces,
Are these poor helpless folks.
There is healing for them in Gilead.
Do not let the wounded soldier die.
Do not write him off, He will rise again.

When this life is over, And I cast off this mortal,
I will not fear,
How weak I had been.
With my bruises and scars,
I will go for a new body.
I shall rise in newness.
My Lord will crown me with life,
So this is my prayer:
'Do not write me off off now, I shall rise again.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

8 Mistakes the American Church made

This is a sermon by Lee Grady of Charisma Magazine in Nigeria in 2002. It was reproduced in The Nigeria Anglican, the official magazine of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion. I'm convinced it worths repeating in this blog.

Eight Mistakes the American Church Made That I Hope You Don’t Repeat

When in 2002 I was in Nigeria conducting interviews, I was invited to speak at a growing Church that meets near a University in Lagos. Knowing that future Church leader would be in the audience that Sunday morning, I wanted to deposit something that could shape the destiny of Africa. My message was title “Eight Mistakes the American Church Made That I Hope You Don’t Repeat”. I don’t have the kind of pulpit savvy that gets people shouting ‘amens’ and waving handkerchiefs. Yet this sermon struck a chord not only with my Nigerian friends, but also with Americans who heard about it when I returned. I am sharing the gist of the message with you because I know it’s not too late to learn from our blunders. Here’s my list of the American Church’s all-time biggest goofs:

1. We made unbelief a doctrine:

While Christians in Chine, Latin America and Africa were casting out devils and healing the sick, we were teaching seminary students that the Holy Spirit doesn’t do miracles any more. That’s really bad theology.

2. We tolerated division:

Who needs the devil when Christians are perfectly OK with hating one another in the name of denominational loyalty? Why should the world listen to us teach about family values when the family of God is so fractured?

3. We cultivated a religious spirit:

We taught converts that Christianity is all about daily Bible reading, Church attendance and avoiding cigarettes and beer. Genuine faith became drudgery. Christians trapped in dry legalism lost their joy because they thought intimacy with God could be achieved by their performance.

4. We encouraged “superstars:

We elevated ministers to celebrity status, and some of them actually believed they deserved the titles, the pedestals, the grand entrances and the first-class seats next to Jesus’ throne. They stopped modeling servant hood and as a result the Church forgot that Jesus washed the feet and rode on a donkey.

5. We equated money with success:

We taught that biblical prosperity could be obtained by inserting our tithes into a heavenly slot machine. LOTTO fever spread throughout the Church and we found a way to legitimate greed and materialism when we should have been using our wealth to feed the poor, adopt orphans and fund missionary ventures.

6. We wouldn’t release women in ministry:

We let gender prejudice have more control of the Church that the Holy Spirit. He is ready to send an army of dedicated women to the front lines of spiritual battle but He is waiting for us to bury our stinking male pride.

7. We stayed in the pews and became irrelevant:

We insisted on letting a group of older white men in dark suits represent our faith in the marketplace, and we freaked out when somebody tried to use rap, punk or metal music to reach the younger generations. Instead of engaging the culture, we hid from it.

8. We taught people to be escapists:

Jesus told us to occupy the planet until He returns. But most of us were reading rapture novels when we should have been praying for our brothers and sisters who were on the verge of martyrdom. They were willing to suffer and die for the cause. Why can’t we have that kind of faith?

Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Race

This is a composition I read from the book, "Finishing Strong" by Bro. Steve Farrar. It has been a blessing to my life. I want to share it with you:

Defeat! He lay there silently, a tear dropped from his eye.
"There's no sense running anymore - three strikes,
I'm out - why try?"
The will to rise has disappeared, all hope had fled away,
So far behind, so error prone, closer all the way.
"I've lost, so what's the use," he thought,
"I'll live with my disgrace."
But then he thought about his dad who
soon he'd have a face.
"Get up," an echo sounded low,
"Get up and take your place.
You were not meant for failure here,
so get up and win the race."
With borrowed will. "Get up," it said
"You haven't lost at all,
For winning is not more than this -
to rise each time you fall."
So up he rose to win once more, and with a new commit,
He resolved that win or lose, at least he wouldn't quit.
So far behind the others now, the most he'd ever been,
Still he gave all he had and ran as though to win.
Three times he'd fallen stumbling,
three times he rose again,
Too far behind to hope to win, he still ran to the end.

They cheered the winning runner as he crossed,
first place,
Head high and proud and happy; no falling, no disgrace.
But when the fallen youngstar crossed the line, last place,
The crowd gave him the greater cheer for
finishing the race.
And even though he came in last,
with head bowed low, unproud;
You would have thought he won the race,
to listen to the crowd.
And to his dad he sadly said, "I didn't do so well."
"To me, you won," his father said.
"You rose each time you fell."

And now when things seem dark and hard
and difficult to face,
The memory of that little boy helps me in the race.
For all of life is like that race,
with ups and downs and all,
And all you have to do to win - is rise each time you fall.
"Quit! Give up, you're beaten," they still shout in my face.
But another voice within me says,
"Get up and win that race."

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sorry for the long period of silence

Dear friends, sorry for this long period of silence.
We got very busy over the past few weeks and could not post here. Please expect our post to be more frequent from here. Thanks and remain blessed!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Matters from the Heart

I love this. It tells of the love of God that draws us to Himself through the Lord Jesus Christ. He died for me and you so that believing in Him, we may have eternal life. This is real. I've experienced it and confirm that God saves. This poem is from a poster with the name 'Crystal' in the Christian Room on

Matters from the Heart

I took and carried our blame
Your soul I redeemed
I bought you

I commanded nature to sing
You a love song
Wishing you would come to me
My heart aches how long, how long
I long for you

I waited for you all night
You never came
You sold yourself cheaply
So again I took the blame
I waited for you

I look for you
I found you in the town square
There you were cold and bare
I covered you

I love you no less
Even though your life was a mess
I want to cleanse you

I court you then married you
You are not free
You belong to me
I want to talk to you

I saved you
Your company I missed
I want to fill your life
With beauty and bliss
Can’t you tell how much I love you?

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A Man of God

This is a true saying, if a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work. A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach; Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous; One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?) Not a novice, lest being lifted up with pride he fall into the condemnation of the devil (1 Timothy 3:1-6).

The scripture says that they (teachers0 will have a more strict judgment. The job of a Pastor is not an easy one. Paul made an interesting parallel in the third chapter of Timothy. He said that a novice (inexperienced or immature) person should not be a leader in the church. This person has the potential to become arrogant and prideful. Paul under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit says that pride is the same condemnation of the devil.

Many biblical scholars wrestle over passages like Isaiah 14:12-17, and Ezekiel 28:11-19. they wrestle with the subject of the passage. Is the subject satan, the accuser of the brethren, or is it the king of the nation that Isaiah was indicting? Ironically, I believe Paul gave us an answer to that question in the qualifications for a Church leader.

Pride was found in the beautiful cherub (satan). The desire to be “like the most High” controlled his passions. This fallen one is called the devil or slanderer amongst other names. Paul says that if the leader is a novice, the risk of pride is great and this is what Isaiah and Ezekiel mentioned about the devil. God has revealed so much in His Word. If you are like me, pride might be a struggle, but the Word of God is humbling. May we all be doers of the Word and not heaers only.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Musing: A Capsule Lesson on Witnessing

1 Peter 3:15 provides an ideal pattern for witnessing: …sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.

1. Sanctify or hallow God within your hearth. This reminds us that a good witness comes from a right relationship with God.

2. Be ready. The opportunities to bear witness are according to God’s schedule, not ours. They can come at any time, anywhere, and in any situation.

3. Give an answer. You can’t answer something that has not been asked. Ideally, but not always, witnessing comes as a response to a question or problem that God wants to answer.

4. The hope that is in us: we witness based on a reasonable hope, “the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1b). that hope cannot be our wishful thinking, but must be based on the promises of God in scripture. It is an inside hope, not an outside chance.

5. The attitude of the witness must be with meekness and fear. This refers to a dual approcach – humility towards the person to whom we tell the Good News, and reverence toward the Lord of whom we tell.