Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Paula White and her divorce

Sphere: Related Content This is just disappointing as the couple is not even showing any signs of remorse. It's not as if we cannot make mistakes, but when it happens, we should be humble enough to admit that we failed. God helping us, we can pick the pieces of our lives together and start again. No matter what Paula White claims, divorce is a failure of marriage.
However, the main thing is not condemning anyone, but to start praying for ourselves. We must give heed to God's Word as our standard without making money and fame our focus in this life. I wonder how all the inconsistencies in their living enumerated here will be explained. It pays to live according to God's principles and mortify the flesh. I wish we as church leaders learn from all these.

Paula White & Randy to Divorce: Big Business Church to Blame?

By Lynda Johnson
Aug 27, 2007

Randy and Paula White were the founders and co-pastors of Without Walls International Church, one of the largest "mega Churches" in the country. They are divorcing and announced it to their congregation last week. Did the big business of the church cause the split of this couple?
Paula White & Randy to Divorce: Big Business Church to Blame?
Paula White & Randy to Divorce: Big Business Church to Blame?

Lillian Kwon of the Christian Post writes that he Whites preach a prosperity message and notes that critics say their message of prosperity were at the expense of humility and family values. "Too many ministries have become big business. That message is desecrating the church today," said Without Walls church board member Alick Clarke, adding that he was disturbed to learn that with revenues at $40 million last year, the church was $22 million in debt. "That's just not right."...

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