Monday, 17 September 2007

Great thought

The key to success in marriage is not finding the "right" person. It's learning to live with the person you found. Love is a decision not a feeling. Enjoy your marriage.
Alozie Echeonwu

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Anonymous said...

"Great ideas is generated from great minds".Okechukwu
I have followed some of your postings on this site. They are wonderful and of great value to the soul. God will bless you richly.
Health is wealth, as stated in one of the post. I want to suggest that health matters should be taken seriously.Its only a healthy man that can enjoy wealth. Abounding with wealth without health is like a dead lion before its prey. We must make consious efforts to maintain our health, our bodies are like chariots carrying our Spirit and soul to accomplish great things. We must not kill the chariot while the rider is still alive.As God's children the Bible says we should be as wise as serpent and harmless as dove. Our generation owe the world a lot and we cannot afford to fail. My generation will praise your name (the Lord).Thank you. Okechukwu