Monday, 3 September 2007

The Christian and His Health

Topic: The Christian and his health
Text: 3 John 2
Oxford Advanced Dictionary defines health as “the state of being well and free from illness both in the body and in the mind”. Elder John in 3 Jn.2 stated, “I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers”. God is interested in both your physical and spiritual health. There must be a balance in the state of health of both, for you to fulfill God’s desire for you.
There are some factors which may affect your health as a Christian positively or negatively. This study will try to address some of them. The intent is that you take some practical steps to enhance and improve your state of health. When you are healthy, you save yourself, family and church of stress; physical, emotional trauma as well as financial expenses. This study recognizes that it is God who gives us good health. At the same time we have to partner with Him by observing basic health principles. The focus is more on our physical health.
Study Questions:
1. What is health?
2. a) What is the will of God concerning your health as a Christian?
b) What is your personal experience with reference to question 2a?
3. Discuss practically the roles the following play in determining a Christian’s health and the implications
i. Knowledge. Hosea 4: 6. Why do we eat? Are there some basic factors to be considered in making choice of what we eat and how eat them? Discuss.
ii. Food/Water. (Gen.1:29-30; 9:30; Ps.104:14; 2Kings 20:7)
iii. Environment. How should a Christian react to his environment?
iv. Heredity. There are traits we inherit from our parents. Can a Christian do anything to shield himself from health problems that run in his family? Discuss
v. Routine Medical Checkup. Should a Christian go for routine medical check up? Discuss.
vi. Exercises (P.E). Should a Christian spend his time doing sports or physical exercise? Discuss the benefits of exercise.
vii. Taking Food Supplements. Is it right for a Christian to take some food supplements?
viii. Rest and Relaxation. Do rest and relaxation play some roles in determining a Christian’s health? Do you have rest in your life program? Discuss some practical ways a Christian can achieve rest and relaxation in the midst of our crowded and busy schedules.
4. Discuss how the following affect the life of a Christian.
a) Ignorance
b) Poverty
c) Tight Schedules
d) Lack of self control
e) Presumed faith which violates basic medical principles
f) Taking advise from non-medical personnel
g) Lack of rest
5. a) Are there some practical steps I can take to improve and better my state of health as a person?
b) What practical steps can the Church take to improve and enhance the health of her members? Discuss.
This study has tried to identify some factors which may affect your health positively or negatively. It has also discussed some practical steps that could be taken to enhance your health physically. Some of the steps may not be very easy to practice initially, but since health is wealth which everybody wants to acquire it worth it, as far as it is right and does not run contrary to the will of God. Begin today to take some practical measures to enhance your health and that of your family members, and you will latter on be happy you did.

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