Wednesday, 19 September 2007


I promised to post four points in child-upbringing and here are they:
  1. Lead your child to the Lord. Teach him to know God and to develop a love relationship with Him. This will lead him through life even when every other thing has failed. The greatest inheritance you can keep for your child is a rich relationship with God. Not insurance nor money. That was what the Patriarchs kept for their children. A friend of mine who is a medical doctor was sharing with me and my wife yesterday; he said that he is not worried about his children. Not because he has millions in his bank account but because he knows that God will take care of them. His own father died when he was four years old and yet he and his siblings are well to do today. More so, his children have better foundation than he had. Let your children learn to put their trust in God. Knowing God helps your child develop godly principles for living. It cultivates his values and perspectives about life. When last did you challenge your 3-5 year old child whether he has given his/her to the Lord Jesus Christ? Never assume they know the Lord just because they participate in family prayers. They must be led to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Teach your child to love knowledge. This will help him face the challenges and seeming competitions in life. It creates in him the desire to excel. What propels people in life are desire and dreams and these things can be nurtured in the young mind of a child.
  3. Teach him to love hard work. Today a lot of young people hate hard work. They aim high but don’t want to work hard. This has led to all kinds of compromises, vices and delinquencies. The recent wind of 'prosperity preaching' are not helping matters at all. If your child knows that he has to work hard in life so as to become all that God wants him to be, he will excel in all that he does.
  4. Practice what you teach them. Let them see the principles you are teaching them being lived out practically by you. They will believe it is possible. Let them see that you love the Lord. Let them see how you love your spouse (Who is their parent also). Let them see that you love your family and other people. It grooms them for their own family. Let them see that you help the needy and not covetous or married to your wealth. Even when they are led astray, your life will become a good challenge to them and a key to their restoration.

I believe that these are not exhaustive but they form the foundation for raising children that will have good success in life, even if God calls you home in the middle of their days.


Patricia Uche said...

Infact your words in this thesis gives joy as I go through them. What I want to comment or add on it is that, children upbringing needs most: listening and answering them when required. Parents should try to avoid shouting on them which create respectful distance inturn causes fear and anxiety.

maintaining mutual relationship by discussing and having a communication about any issue that will improve their knowledge.

Innuela Uche

Patricia Uche said...

In addition, the parents should understand;
1 the peculiarity and developmental stages of the two sexes in order to counsel and help them as they grow.
2. You should know how to relate with them or to other children. They are not the same, so do not compare them to other children and try to observe their weeknesses and strenghts so that their careers will be well planned.
3. Discipline when it supposed to be done.It will make them to know good and bad.

Evergreenword said...

Thank you so much Patricia Uche for your helpful comments. Infact there a lot of things to do in child upbringing that no single book will be able to capture all. Because of the uniqueness of every child, there are many things that may work for you but may not work for another. It's my prayer that God will hhelp us raise a godly generation that will love Him. God bless you.